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Golden Light Energy Healing Centre

2 Lambell Close Palmerston Canberra 2913 AU

     Pati Solva Hueneke

Empowering YOU with Golden Light Healing Energy









by   Pati Solva Hueneke

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"The gold that emanates from the Divine person wants to penetrate into humanity..."

Hildegard of Bingen
(German healer & mystic, 1098-1179 )
my soul sister

Pati Solva Hueneke brings you a fascinating insight into the nature of the Golden Light and how it can be accessed by anyone for deep emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

"This Golden Divine Light lives in your innermost heart as your connection to your own inner Divinity. You can free it from its prison in matter through meditation, deep karmic healing and with the 36 Golden Light Plant healing essences. Let me show you how!"

With great blessings and love from the Five Golden Light Angels of the Elements.

Pati Solva Hueneke.

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Product Description

Pati Solva Hueneke takes you on a profound, mystical healing journey with the Golden Light. Pati describes her own encounter with her inner Divine Golden Light Being after many years of practicing yoga and meditation, Ayurveda, herbal and spiritual healing. The reader is given many practical techniques for reconnecting to their own inner Golden Light through emotional, spiritual and karmic healing with the 36 Golden Light Plant Essences, guided healing meditations with the five Golden Angels of Healing of the Elements and much more. You are taken to a greater knowing and awareness of what it means to manifest and live from this golden space within your own being. A magical, Divine Alchemy happens as you do so. Join Pati for this adventure with the Golden Light so that you too may experience what a positive difference this can make to your life no matter where you are right now.

"These Golden Light Essences are just magical!" Irene/Healer/Canberra/Australia.


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The Power of Plants and the Elements Lead to Inner Joy and Peace

Healer, teacher and yogi shares decades of wisdom about plant essences and elemental attunement

PALMERSTON, Australia– Is something missing in your life? Does it feel like a dark cloud is hanging over your head, affecting your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being? For thousands of years, plants have proven to have healing effects and have been used to treat a variety of conditions. Combined with meditation, a complete metamorphosis is possible for those willing to work for it. But how do we learn to harness these healing properties in 2011? The answers lie in

LIVING in the GOLDEN LIGHT: Healing with the Golden Angels of the five Elements and the Golden Light Plant Essences., the helpful, informative new guide by Pati SolvaHueneke.

After 20 years of practicing Siddha yoga meditation and herbal healing techniques, an experience at her guru’s ashram in 2003 compelled Hueneke to step forth and share her gifts by promoting the therapeutic benefits of plants, herbs and meditation. She began a deeper examination of what she calls the “Golden Light,” a concept that represents a connection to our inner selves. Tapping into that connection results in a positive transformation that Hueneke compares to the ignition of a flame.

After identifying the Golden Light, Hueneke focused on using organic herbs, trees and flowers – many from her own garden – to improve karma and personal healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. What emerged were 36 Golden Light Plant Healing Essences that Hueneke developed at her Golden Light Healing Clinic in Canberra, Australia.

LIVING in the GOLDEN LIGHT details the 36 Healing Essences and enhances them by harnessing the energy of the elements of air, fire, water, earth and ether. Guided meditations with what Hueneke has classified as the five Golden Angels of Healing of the Elements will find readers radiating peace and love as they learn how to live in the now. No matter what state your life is in, you can start making a positive difference.

Find out how in LIVING in the GOLDEN LIGHT.

About the Author

Pati Solva Hueneke wears many hats, including that of naturopathic herbalist, iridologist, pranic healer, psychic medium, angel intuitive, siddha yogi and ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. An accomplished teacher and author, Hueneke runs the Golden Light Healing Clinic in Canberra, Australia, where she continues to research the benefits of plant essences and cultivate new ways of meditation with the Golden Angels of Healing of the Elements.

         Pati now also channels the wisdom of Golden Eagle Medicine at the Golden Eagle Mystery School in Canberra/Australia.

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