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Golden Light Energy Healing Centre

2 Lambell Close Palmerston Canberra 2913 AU

     Pati Solva Hueneke

Empowering YOU with Golden Light Healing Energy










From Struggle to THRIVE

online 5-week


I am so excited to be offering this Program starting at the NEW MOON in Cancer Solar Eclipse on Monday 22nd June, 2020.

Please go to HOME page to read all about it.


Meditation in our Circle of Light & Healing

13th January 2020

Circle of Light and Healing/Meditation 13 January, 2020

Golden Light Energy Healing Centre – 2 Lambell Close Palmerston ACT Australia – Medium Pati Hueneke. (13 Peopel attended our Circle)

Connecting with the Uluru/Kata Tjuta Ngatawaddi Ceremony

Healing the Solar Plexus – Worldwide and personally.

Visualise the Cosmic Umbilical Cord to the Central Sun being healed and the Solar Plexus being activated.

The 13 Grandmothers gather here for this Sacred Ceremony at the time of the auspicious Saturn/Pluto/Mercury/Sun Conjunction in Capricorn (12.22 am on Monday 13 January, 2020 here in Australia) This previously interrupted ceremony many thousands of years ago culminates in the reactivation of the Solar Umbilical Cord of Planet Earth with the Sun and on deeper levels with the Great Central Sun to assist Creation and Communication between the Sun and the Earth. Release of past traumas is accelerated and heals our own Solar Plexus Chakra bringing a new sense of abundance, well-being and healing.


“Let the sun shine on Uluru/Kata Tjuta

Let the Pathway of the Rainbow Serpent be clear, so that greater health and vitality may circulate throughout the World to bless All Beings….Today breathe…..relax….smile and give thanks to the Earth”

Listen to the Ancestors speak to you….

Ask your Ancestors to merge with the Ancestors of this Land….

Invocation to the Light- I live with the Light. I love within the Light. I laugh within the Light. I AM sustained and nourished by the Light. I joyously serve the Light. For I AM the Light. I AM the Light. I AM the Light. I AM I AM I AM And so it is.

Come into our I AM Presence… Beloved I AM Beloved I AM Beloved I AM……

(Elecampagne –Wild Sunflower Essence is cooking now…)

Star Anise in water is purifying the Space

A water bowl is imbibing the energy of this Sacred Ceremony.

Bergamont Herb (ruled by Mercury (Messenger/Healer) bring success to our ritual/Circle…..

Meditation :

Call in your personal Guides for Protection now…….

Calling in AA Metatron/Grandmothers and Grandfathers/Ancestors/Indigenous Elders (including Uncle Bob Randall), the Galactic Federation of Light Brothers & Sisters and our beloved I AM Presence now.

Dropping into our Sacred Heart Space with a deep out breath now…..

Rest there a while….

See yourself at Uluru at the Mititjulu Water Hole. We immerse ourselves in these Sacred Cleansing Waters…….. and let go of all that needs to leave us at this time…..We awaken the Sacred Waters within us now with the help of Wanampi – the Sacred Water Snake……

As we sit at the edge of the Mititjulu Water Hole feeling refreshed and renewed we feel the Presence of Magnificent Light Flooding the whole area of Uluru/Kata Tjuta and us now. The Pleiadian Light Ships are beaming down new Diamond Light Codes to the Earth Grids here and we are the Ground Crew anchoring the energies into Middle Earth through our Feet Chakras in a way that is just right for each of us personally. 

We bring these Light Codes into our Chakras now…..

See the Light entering your base Chakra – red spinning wheel spinning first anti-clockwise to release old energies…….and then clockwise to energise you with these Diamond Light Codes with an intensity which is just right for you at this time.

See this process happening-

At your bright Orange Sacral Chakra…..

Your Green/Pink Heart Chakra …..

Your Indigo Blue Third Eye Chakra…

Your Crown Chakra – bright Violet/White Light

Your Aqua blue/green Throat Chakra…..

And finally at your Golden Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra……..

Rest easy and keep focusing on your Breath……

Take these Light Codes and come with me on a World Grid Journey to anchor these new energies into our Earth Energy Grid Lines…..

First to Grid Point 44 near St Mary’s Peak/Wilpena Pound/Flinders Ranges SA – a very ancient indigenous world energy power site….

See the Diamond Light Energy flowing here……..

From here to Tibet Mt. Kailas (World Crown Chakra 7)……

Moscow (area 13)……

Glastonbury and Shaftsbury UK – Chakras 4&6…..

then to Chakra 2 – Lake Titicaca (Bolivia/Peru)…………

As we do this we are also aligning our Chakras to the Planetary Chakras) ……

Further down to Area 11 – Palenque Mexico…….

Then to Chakra 1 at Mt Shasta (Nth California) ……

Area 9 – Hawaii…….

Area 10 Bali …

Area 12 Mt Fuji Japan ……

Area 7 Table Mtn. – tip of Sth. Africa….

Chakra 5 Grand Pyramids Mt Sinai…Egypt………..

Area 8 New Zealand….

And finally back to Chakra 3 – Uluru/Kata Tjuta……..

Rest here a while……breathe……

.Let your Heart breathe you……

Listen in the Great Silence for the Messages from the Ancestors……

When you are ready….focus on your breath again as it comes in and out gently……

Become aware again of your physical body and ground your energy through your feet into the Earth…..

Wiggle your feet and toes…..

And when you are ready open your eyes.

We thank ourselves/our own Great Hearts/ our Ancestors/ Guides/Teachers and Helpers for all that we have been able to receive and anchor into the here and now…

.With great love and respect. And so it is……Blessed Be……… <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ******

Pati Hueneke and All in our Circle of Light and Healing this Day

Monday 13 January, 2020 at 7 pm at the Golden Light Energy Healing Centre. (13 people attended)

You can go into 0-point time in your own Heart Space anytime to connect with this Light Transmission and Meditation. *****

Also go to my FB Page for a video recording of this meditation soon to be posted

@Golden Light Energy Healing Centre.



Join us in September in Ceremony for Grid Point 44 here in Canberra.

Contact [email protected] for details.


Golden Light Energy Healing Centre

2 Lambell Close

Canberra, 2913


ph. 0431606940

email  [email protected]


Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm

Sat: 10 am - 5 pm

after hours by negotiation

Sun: Closed